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Hey Guys! I'm Amy! I've had the

pleasure of working in the nonprofit industry for over 15 years!



About Amy

Amy Senat has worked in the nonprofit sector for 15 years with experience in marketing, public relations, events and design.  She brings a depth of knowledge in strategic web and brand design, graphic and print design, fundraising, social media management, event management, and marketing. 

Amy brings an array of knowledge in identifying creative marketing strategies for nonprofits with limited resources. Amy’s specialty is transforming nonprofit websites into fully functioning websites that increase involvement, volunteers and ultimately donations.

She fully emerges herself in the work of the nonprofit to understand what they do so they can full utilize their website to the best of its ability. Amy also trains and empowers the nonprofit so that they can take back control of their website and navigate the online world with ease and knowledge.


Amy attended Florida International University, where she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Advertising with a minor in Marketing. She is also the Co-Founder of Miami Community, an online hub bringing together nonprofits, local businesses, volunteer opportunities and conversations about social issues affecting Miami.


Amy has had the privilege of working with nonprofits such as Big Brothers Big Sisters of Miami, Chapman Partnership, the largest emergency housing shelter in Miami-Dade County and as well Leap for Ladies, Health in the Hood, Strong Girls, amongst others. Amy has led a 30 person Wordpress website workshop teaching the ins and outs of creating and designing a website made possibly by the Children’s Trust.  Amy proudly serves on the Marketing & Media Ministry at her Church, where she is responsible for website and social media management, graphic design and overall brand management.


Her knowledge in the nonprofit industry and passion for serving her community has positioned Amy as a sought-after industry web and brand designer, development professional and advocate for small and medium-sized nonprofits. Amy resides in Miami, FL with her two children.

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