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I am so excited you are ready to begin your project. Below you will find the first steps in completing your to -do list. Have a question?

Website Design

The following are the first steps to starting the website design process.

These steps are for who are starting from scratch. 

Step 1) No matter what platform your website is being built on, the first step is

purchasing your domain.

Click here to Purchase Domain: BlueHost

Step 2) Hosting


1). Click here to purchase your "unlmited" plan


1). Purchase your "plus" hosting

plan here

Other items I need from you:

1). High res Logo (if you don't have one, its ok, we can create one!)

2). High quality photos of your organization in work!

3). Copy for each of your pages and forms

(if you need copywriting services, we offer that as well!)

These items can be uploaded to my dropbox or emailed to

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