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Choosing The Right Website Platform for your Nonprofit

One of the first questions I ask when speaking to a nonprofit is which platform they prefer their website to be created on. Sometimes they simply don't know and I need to walk through the difference between the two platforms I offer to determine which one is best to suit their needs. Sometimes they are looking for a rebrand and their website is already on Wordpress, or another platform. I help nonprofits create user friendly websites to help them save staff time and grow resources to further their mission. I want to help alleviate the pressure of the unknown and create a space that is comfortable and easy moving forward. Whether you are starting from scratch or your current website needs a facelift, we can work together to build something that leaves you prepared for the future and not stuck in a rut.

The platforms I choose to use for nonprofits are wix and wordpress. Both are similar in some ways but also very very different in a few key areas, which I will explain next. In short, Wix is a website builder where Wordpress is a CMS (Content Management System).

What I have found with working with small to medium sized nonprofits is that they either don't have a marketing staff member who can manage their website, the funds to hire someone, or even the desire to manage any part of their website- but since you are constantly fundraising and conducting events to raise funds your needs change and you need updates made fairly often. I have solutions for all of these problems. I can transfer your website to an easier platform to use (wix), train you on how to use your current website (wordpress), or you can purchase one of my monthly maintenance plans and I can make the edits for you!

To able to determine which platform is best for your nonprofit, you need to ask yourself one key question:

1). Do you have the capacity or interest to make changes to your website on your own in the future?

If you answered "Yes" to the above question, then Wix is more than likely your best option- if you are not tech savy or have knowledge of Wordpress, Wix is also the best option for you. If you answered "No" and you'd like a professional to handle your edits and updates- I would suggest Wordpress. Alot of nonprofits come to me with websites already built in Wordpress and there are a few options here for you too 1). Transfer to Wix or 2). Website Training so that you can make edits yourself.

Wix, is a website platform that is most commonly known as a website builder and makes it extremely easy to make your own edits. Picture something like powerpoint, where each section is editable by double clicking. Wix basically works the same. It requires very little knowledge of the program itself, and is extremely self explanatory. Pricing for wix is a monthly fee that includes hosting, which means you don't have to choose web hosting from another company. However, it also means you cannot move your website to another platform down the line.

Wordpress on the other hand is a bit trickier. It requires much more knowledge of the platform itself and the aspects that go with it - themes, plugins, and sometimes code. Unlike Wix, you need to setup your own web hosting for Wordpress seperately. Wordpress is free to use the platform itself but hosting, themes and plugins can all seperately be an additional cost.

Both platforms are great options for a busy nonprofit looking to create a website that is visually appealing and functional- however it boils down to the needs and capacity of your nonprofit.

Learn more about the packages I offer here and how I can help your nonprofit get started!

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