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The Branding Process: My 6 Steps

Updated: Jun 1, 2019

Hey Guys! Well….this is my first ever blog post! Let’s give it up!! Wooohoo!

Ok, now down to business. I wanted to share with you my 6 step process for branding and what you can expect when working with me! First of all, you might be asking what is the difference between branding and logo design? A brand is the look, feel, and overall experience of your product, service or organization where a logo on the other hand is a graphic and/or typographic mark that identifies your organization. A brand is all encompassing. It tells the consumer who you are, what to expect and when they see it they know it is you!

With this said, I’ve compiled a few steps to creating a BRAND, not just a logo, even though you will see a logo being created within this process.

Step 1: Create a Moodboard.

The easiest way to do this is in pinterest, but it can really be done in any program or format. This gives your designer a feel for who you are as a brand. What excites you, what “sparks joy” as marie kondo says lol. When you look at your final moodboard, it should scream you, your brand and everything you stand for.

This is also where we will pull your brand colors from. As you can see from my example, the color palette on the right side, shows the colors really from the moodboard we created. This will then be the set colors for your brand, and ultimately your logo.

Step 2: Choose your font.

This is the fun stuff, this is where your brand starts to tranform and take its place. Choosing a good font is key. It shows how strong, soft or in between you want to be. Do you want all caps? Are you looking for a cursive font? Or maybe you are more of a bold font person? Playing around with options and colors will put you in a position to find your font fit and create the logo that fits your brand.

Step 3: Choosing Textures and Patterns.

This is where your brand comes to life. Choosing a pattern or texture that compliments your brand is key to developing a brand style and ultimately a brand for yourself. Make sure to choose colors from your moodboard, and even textures from your moodboard to mold the overall feel for your brand. This will be used for social media graphics, website graphics, and just all things branded. Even think about promotion products- like a candle with your logo on it in marble, in this case.

Step 4: Choosing your Final Logo

Once you’ve decided on your colors, a font and layout, complimented by your found textures and patterns, you are ready to decide on your final logo.

This can be a hard decision, but you definitely want to choose one that you can’t live without and that really captures your eye at first glance. The one you can’t live without, basically. When working with me, you will receive at least 3 logo samples to choose from. Some clients come back and add bits and pieces of logos to create a totally new one, others see one they like from the jump and need no changes! The process prior helps us to make sure we are going in the right direction first, before deciding on a logo.

Step 5: Creating a Brand Guideline

Once we’ve decided on your logo I will provide you with a Brand Guideline. A Brand Guideline is a guide for your brand, ha! It gives you everything about your brand at a glance. Fonts that were used, colors, textures/patterns and even graphic layouts for use on social media, website etc. That way moving forward if you ever need a color used in your logo or your font, you have all the info at your fingertips!

Well, I hope that helped! I hope that gave you some insight on what to expect when branding 📷 Its a fun, fun process, one that really opens yourself up and forces you to create a brand that is well thought out, precise and meaningful.

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