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Why Branding is Important for Non-Profits

In a world full of new immerging businesses and brands, its getting harder and harder to stand out of the crowd, especially without a tangible item.

People like to be able to feel their purchase, and get somewhat of a satifsfaction to what they are buying. Because of this, the world of branding is even more important for non-profits, given the fact that they must leave a everlasting impression without the consumer getting a physical item in hand.

Non-profits that have strategic, inspirational and evoking branding, make it easier to create a brand that stands the test of time and pushes donors to connect with their cause.

The below are a few tips to help create a non-profit brand on purpose.

Creating a Meaningful Brand

When someone sees your branding (name or logo) they should immediately be reminded of what your non-profit does and how it helps its local community. When you succesfully brand, your design will choose a color pallette based on the colors in your logo. Sticking to a few colors, I would suggest 3-4, and using them while designing your marketing materials, is a small way of branding that goes a long way.

Mark Your Territory

In a world full of sharing, retweeting, and copying (sadly), one small but very important branding tip is to make sure your logo is on every material you put on social media. That way, if your visual does get shared (which we hope it does) you will not only get credit for it, but your brand and your logo will be shared as well.

Get Your Supporters Involved

Sometimes non-profits make the mistake of letting their marketing department (if they even have one) in charge of getting the word out and also branding their organization. However getting your supporters involved not only educates them with what you are doing, and hopefully engaging them more, but it allows them to carry the brand for you. Keeping Baord members, as well as staff and other supporters like volunteers up to date with the newest branding and marketing plans can only help create a stronger, more consistent brand.

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