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Wordpress vs. Wix

I help nonprofits create easy to manage websites in both wordpress and wix plaforms. One of the most common questions I get is what is the difference between both platforms? How do I know which one to choose? I've put together a comprehensive breakdown of each platform to help guide you through your decision.


Experience Level: Beginner, no training needed, Drag & Drop Builder

Upkeep: None

Extras: Free domain for first year, Professional Email account (example: info@yourdomain) additional cost, Free access to Stock Photos, Icons, Videos, Email campaigns, Social Media layouts & Marketing Promos

Web Files: No ability to extract website files & move

Costs Associated: Pay per month - Approx $12/mo (hosting + platform included)


Experience Level: Intermediate with training, can make edits, Little or no knowledge of

Code Needed

Upkeep: Monthly Backups, Plugin & Wordpress Updates

Extras: Free Domain, Ability to build Unlimited Websites, Unlimited Professional Emails

Web Files: Ability To Extract Website Files and move to another host

Costs Associated: Platform (Wordpress) Free, Hosting (per month) $5-$15/mo

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