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Take back control of your

Nonprofit Website

Learn the basics of your website and how to make edits on your own.

With limited time, resources and staff on hand to help, managing the website for your nonprofit is usually the last thing on the list at the end of the day. In today's world, its crucial to not only have a fully functioning website that speaks to your mission and what you do, but one that stays updated and active so that your supporters know how to get involved and continue to support you.


Many nonprofits hire a website designer for the initial build out of their website, but then have to spend additional resources to make changes and updates to keep the website active. In addition, alot of the time the web designer is nowhere to be found or takes too long to make changes and it leaves the nonprofit stuck because they have no idea how to make changes themselves.


That changes today! Take back control of your nonprofit website by learning the ins and outs of Wordpress. Through my one on one training or group sessions, nonprofits will learn how to login, make changes to content easily as well as learn about plugins and updates that will make your life easier. 


One on One




I've had the pleasure of working with:


Interested in learning more or booking Amy for a training?

Contact Amy at or 305-975-2393

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