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The Benefits to a Full Functioning Nonprofit Website

The benefits of having a fully functioning website as a nonprofit are huge, but alot of them are still unknown and misunderstood.

Let me give you the likely scenerio for a small to medium sized nonprofit - you have a website, one that you or a staff member or volunteer created in wix or another drag and drop website builder, It has all your nonprofit's basic information. A a few pictures and even a donate page, but the donate page more than likely links out to a second party. The pictures are either low res and blurry, or you placed a few stock photos in to show a similation of what you do.

This particular nonprofit might not see the importance in investing in a new website redesign at this point because they feel what they have is sufficient.

But they couldn't be more wrong about their website prescence and where it can take them if done right.

First, of all, we aren't talking about comparing yourself to the big timers- at all. I am not saying you need to be a Red Cross or United Way by any means. But using some of the same concepts are big steps in the right direction.

So here are just a few benefits to having a FULLY functioning website. One that gets found on google, captures your visitor's attention within 7 seconds, clearly states your mission and what you do, and one that drives visitors to become donors.

So let's get into it.

1). Getting Found of Google - You may this will take forever and cost alot in SEO plans, but there are very simple ways to implement seo within your website that can make a big difference in how your found on google. You don't have to spend a lot of time or money on SEO plans to make an impact.

2). Clarity - You may think its easy for people to understand what you do, because you know what you do. So at first glance, your website makes sense and your mission is clear. Ask yourself- if someone was to come across your website without having any knowledge of what you do, would they understand within 7 seconds? Because thats all the time you have! Clarity goes a long way - the clearer you are about what you do and who for- those who resignate with your mission are more inclined to get involved and donate.

3). Conversion-There are certain pages and information that need to be on your nonprofit website so that your visitors know what you do, how you do it, and how their money will make a difference. For example- pictures of the work you do (real pictures) - donors want to see where their money is going. A Financials page with your most recent financials- alot of donors want to see exactly where their money is going- and showing that also shows that you are transparent and trustworthy. And even a success story page- showcasing what your work is doing is to transform lives. An Event's Page showcasing your upcoming events and ways your followers can get involved. With that information presented in the correct way, will help them make it to you donate page and ultimately donate to your organization.

My website packages showcase some of the most important pages that I believe all nonprofits, small or large, need on their website to really showcase their mission and programs correctly. How you lay them out and the copy you use, is just as important.

If you are looking to make some improvements to your existing website or need to create a website from scratch you can check out my packages here:

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